Group Coach Hire to the Beach

Travel to the beach by coach

You can’t beat a big group outing to the beach, especially when travelling by coach or minibus. There’s plenty of space on our vehicles for your beach towels, buckets and spades so why not round up your mates and enjoy a day at the beach.

Your group’s private coach will pick you up ready for a day of fun activities at the beach and will be there ready to take you home. Perfect for having a little nap on the way back - we know that running around on the beach can be tiring!

Thinking about that long-awaited trip to the beach? Get in touch with our expert team of travel consultants and we’ll take care of the travel logistics for you.

Family on Deckchairs at the Beach
what to do at the beach

What to do at the Beach

There’s so much to do at the beach it can be hard to know where to start! Sunbathing on the sand, spending your spare change in the arcades and enjoying an ice cream (or two!) are just a few reasons a beach visit is a must-do.

A trip to the seaside is perfect for all big groups so it’s time to get everyone together for a fun day out. If you’re feeling particularly brave you can even have a splash in the UK’s seas! Alternatively why not pack up some of your favourite foods to enjoy a picnic on the beach? Just be careful of those greedy seagulls!

Whatever you decide to do at the beach when you choose coach travel you’re going to start and end your day in comfort.

Why Should You Visit the Beach?

A trip to the beach is a great way to connect with friends and family whilst enjoying activities you’ve not done together in a while. Whether it’s challenging your family to a sandcastle building contest or chilling with mates, activities like these at the seaside are great ways to have a day to remember with those closest to you.

Why not check out local seaside towns whilst you’re at the beach? Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are located in the UK and have local towns to match. No matter which beach you choose to go to you’re sure to have a day out filled with fun family activities.

why should you visit the beach

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